Cheeky Chilli Biltong


Available In These Sizes: 500g & 1 Kilo

Wickedly delicious and a firm favourite with our customers, Billy Tong’s Cheeky Chilli Beef Biltong adds that little ‘kick’ to the palate without a requirement for your taste buds to be too resilient!

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About Our Cheeky Chilli Flavoured Biltong

As with all of our fabulous biltong beef snack products, this very spicy cheeky chilli flavoured biltong is made with fully traceable grass-fed beef, hung for 28 days, then mixed with herbs and spices (and then a little more spice for good measure, after all, this IS Cheekily Hot!) and finally, it’s air-cured for 4 days. Our nutritious & wholesome biltong is a snack that is high in protein, with virtually no carbs or sugar.

Our premium Biltong is made in small batches as our air-curing times are significantly less than the biltong that you might be used to buying. Although this reduces the shelf life, it makes a huge improvement in the flavour of our product as many testimonials will verify.

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