Chilli Bites


Available In These Sizes: 500g & 1 Kilo

Billy Tong’s Chilli Bites are crafted using only the best quality topside beef. These awesome beef snacks are first cut into the right size of beef strips that we know our customers prefer. They are then marinated with our formula of herbs and spices and allowed to air cure which provides for the most fabulous of tastes.



About Our Chilli Bites

Billy Tong’s Chilli Bites is another fabulous natural meat snack that will be loved by everyone who adores a bit of spiciness and beef. Our production department has come up with the most unbelievable end product that we’re sure will be one of our best sellers.

Our Beef Chilli Bites is a nutritious and wholesome snack that is high in protein, with virtually no carbs or sugar.

Much the same as our premium biltong, we make our Chilli Bites in small batches, although the air curing time is slightly longer than usual. This ensures that the product will give you a good ‘chew’, just as it is supposed to do.

Just like our biltong, our Chili Bites are a fabulous addition to a low carb, high protein and nutritious diet.

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