Chilli Chutney Biltong


Available In These Sizes: 500g & 1 Kilo

Herbs and spices carefully blended by our production team have now provided us with an absolute stormer of flavoursome biltong. The chutney with its little ‘fruity hit’ along with the subtle interruption of spiciness provided by the chilli, will have your taste buds going into overtime. It’s a brilliant blend of two flavours that’s a hit with our regulars.

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About Our Chilli – Chutney Flavoured Biltong

If you’re into biltong, you’ll know that top-quality beef hung for 28 days is probably the closest you’ll ever get to biltong perfection. Of course, the mix of herbs and spices play their part but knowing what way to blend is all-important. Our production team have years of experience in getting the best out of our 4-day air-cured beef. Both wholesome and nutritious and high in protein, give our Chilli-Chutney flavour a try.

Supplying the best biltong in the UK is our destiny. In order to maintain strict quality, we only produce in small batches. We’re not into mass production, rather more bespoke and premium quality and that is confirmed by the testimonials we receive from our customers.

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