Kalahari Biltong


Available In These Sizes: 500g & 1 Kilo

Our production team have skillfully blended two awesome flavours to offer you a taste like no other. Coriander and pepper are infused into our top-quality 28-day hung beef making our Kalahari flavoured biltong product a firm favourite with our customers. Distinctive on the palate, the fragrance of this biltong provides a wonderful flavour experience.

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About Our Kalahari Flavoured Biltong

Two superb flavours, coriander and pepper, are skillfully blended give Kalahari a distinctive and unique taste. Coriander is an annual herb in the family of Apiaceae, is also known as Chinese parsley, and in North America, the stems and leaves are usually called cilantro. 

The seed of coriander is sweet and toasty which provides for a flavoursome, nutty warm aroma. Pepper, with properties known for its healthy qualities, combines its distinctive smell and subtle hot peppery taste beautifully with the coriander. The result, a superb and flavoursome treat on the taste buds.

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