Mild Chilli (Wet & Fatty)


Available In These Sizes: 500g & 1 Kilo

Wet & Fatty finish only

For those that prefer a more subtle spice explosion on their tongue, our ‘Mild Chilli’ version fits the bill. Our chilli spice mix and the wet & fatty finish enhances the flavour experience for those that prefer a subtle flavoursome glow on their taste buds rather than an ‘explosion’. Probably 4 out of 10 on the heat scale.


About Our Mild Chilli Biltong

We understand that many love their spice experience to be hot on the palate, but there are also many who prefer that ‘experience’ to be more subtle. For all those biltong lovers who like a little ‘spice kick’, but not too much, this delicious biltong is exactly what you need. On a heat scale, this probably sits around 4 out of 10. If you want something hotter for your biltong, maybe try our Peri-Peri flavour. That’ll take you up to around 9 on the heat scale.

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