Six Pack Subscription Box

£32.99 / month

Grab a monthly subscription box to one of our 6-pack products. Six 100g packs of fabulous beef snacks. Choose from twelve flavour combinations to suit most taste buds. You can also choose what type of original biltong you prefer, dry, moist or wet & fatty. The remaining biltong comes in moist. For full details tap/click the ‘Select Options’ button below and then see ‘Description’.


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Why Choose A Biltong Subscription Box?

To receive the benefit of continuously lower prices without the need to wait for special offers to be announced, our subscription box service is perfect.

How Does It Work?

You’ll first need to open an account which is free and very easy to do. Just tap on the ‘My Account’ tab, enter your email address and we will send you a password. That’s how easy it is (but please do remember your password!).

Once you have your account, just select the Subscription Box you want and add to your cart. Make payment in the normal way using the debit or credit card you want to use for the subscription.

Note: You can also add other product to your cart at the same time as your subscription. It will be listed separately at check out. Also, you cannot use discount vouchers against subscriptions.

Can I Manage My Subscription?

Yes, you can manage your subscription through your account. Change subscription boxes or cancel, you have full control.

Subscription & Delivery Timing

Subscriptions for all of our clients are taken monthly. Our product is freshly made and packed and shipped to you for delivery within 5 to 7 days after your subscription payment.

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