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Essential Protein – The Bottom Line

Protein OK, so it won’t have gone unnoticed that we’re always placing a particular emphasis on the amount that’s packed into our beef biltong. 53.9g per 100g in fact. So, in one of our 250g packs, you’ll get a whopping 134.75g.

Of course, the rest of the nutritional values are just as important, so here they per 100g. Energy kcal 253, Fat 4g, Saturates 1.66g, Carbs 0.9g, Sugar 0.9g and Salt 0.988g.

Protein – Reduces appetite and hunger levels

Now here at Billy Tong, we are fully aware that not everyone requires a high protein intake. Although a higher intake can have health advantages for a lot of people.

A lot of the calories we require daily to prevent a deficiency is provided by the protein we eat and this averages around 15%.

It can be of benefit for some people in some instances to almost double that intake of calories, say up to 30%. In particular, if you’re looking to increase muscle mass or improve your strength, protein input is essential.

Improving your metabolic health generally or indeed losing some weight also makes the amount you take on board relevant.

Protein, fats and carbs are the three macronutrients, and each one influences our bodies in distinct ways.

By far the most filling is protein. It requires less food when it’s protein-based to make you feel less hungry.

The hunger hormone ‘ghrelin’ is reduced by the protein you take on board. Conversely, protein increases the level of ‘peptide YY’ that will make you feel ‘full’. So between the two, the effect on your appetite can be compelling.

One study concluded that doubling protein intake from 15% to 30% resulted in overweight women reducing their calorie intake by 441 calories without restricting anything intentionally. The same would no doubt apply to men, although the numbers might differ slightly.

You should contemplate substituting some of your fat and carbs with protein if you’re looking to lose some weight or that stubborn belly fat!

A reduction in carbs by reducing the portions of say your potatoes or rice while increasing the proportions of fish or meat will help in this respect.

Billy Tong’s beef biltong snacks are a perfect addition to your daily intake of protein, especially for snacking.

Protein Increases Muscle Mass and Strength plus it’s good for bones.

So, you’re into running, weight-lifting, swimming, gym work-outs, in fact, any exercise that pushes your muscles. Well, a few of us here at Billy Tong have run marathons, half-marathons and we know all about promoting muscle growth.

To start the process of repairing muscle, you need protein within twenty minutes of finishing your work-out routine as it is the fuel to rebuild building your muscles.

A pack of Billy Tong biltong in your sports bag is a fabulous way to start that process, even before you shower and change.

Research has shown that consuming an abundance of protein can help increase your muscle mass and improve strength. Billy Tong biltong, with all its different flavours, is an excellent start to your intake.

Don’t forget, an increase in protein is also beneficial in preventing muscle loss during dieting. Studies have indicated that bone health is also perpetuated with the correct intake.

Bone mass is maintained by people who consume more protein. This is especially important in older age as it lowers the risk of osteoporosis and fractures. It’s also known that post-menopausal women are at a higher risk of osteoporosis. So the right intake must be maintained.

Keep a pack of biltong handy for snacking. It’s an excellent top-up for your overall protein input.

Reduce cravings and those evening snacking habits.

We’ve all hand them. Yep, we’re referring to cravings. In particular, food cravings. It’s your brain calling out for a prize and nothing to do with your body needing a top-up of energy. What’s worse, a desire to snack can dominate you to such an extent that it’s nigh on impossible to say ‘no’.

Increasing your protein intake is one sure-fire way of stopping them from happening in the first place. Studies have shown that increasing your intake to 25% of calories can reduce cravings and eliminate late-night snacking substantially.

An improvement in the function of dopamine, one of the primary brain hormones involved in cravings and additions may be the reconciliatory factor.

A reduction in cravings has a knock-on effect, the ability to maintain or even enhance weight loss. A moderate increase in protein will help in the maintenance of any weight loss.

If you’re going to snack late or maintain weight loss, try our Billy Tong biltong with its excellent protein content.

Increase fat burning due to increased metabolism

TEF (the thermic effect of food), is the process of digesting and obtaining the value of the nutrients found in food by the body using calories. In effect, your metabolism is increased through eating but only for a short while.

When it comes to fat, carbs or protein, it’s the protein that has a higher thermic value, 25% compared to fat and carbs 15%. The benefit to being on higher intake is that your metabolism is boosted and this increases the number of calories burned. For some, this can be as much as 100 extra calories dissipated over a day.

That’s almost the same as doing a half-hour period of exercise of moderate-intensity per day.

Billy Tong’s range of high protein flavoursome biltong should always be on your shopping list.

Protein helps in lowering blood pressure

It’ a sad fact of modern life that high blood pressure is a significant factor as a cause of strokes, heart attacks and chronic kidney disease.

So you’re not going to be overly surprised when we allude to the fact that higher protein intake has been attested to lowering blood pressure.

Several controlled trials have shown the lowering of both systolic (1.76 mm Hg) and diastolic (1.15 mm Hg) blood pressure due to an increase in protein in the diet. Also, there was a reduction in LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, both known to exacerbate blood pressure problems.

Body self repair and aging factors

We’ve already mentioned that protein is paramount to anyone involved in sports or working out as it helps repair muscles. An injured body can heal swifter with an increase in protein as it constitutes the main building blocks of your tissues and organs.

As we grow older, the hard fact to accept is that our muscles also progressively weaken. Age-related muscle loss will contribute to bone brittleness and subsequent bone fractures.

Remaining active into older age is imperative, walking, weights, etc., but so is an adequate intake of protein. One of the best ways to reduce muscle deterioration as you get older is to increase your intake.

Billy Tong biltong doesn’t discriminate when it comes to age. It’s a perfect protein-rich snack for all age groups, from school kids to grandparents.

If you want to know more about eating well, visit the NHS website for more information.

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