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9 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Our Biltong

(We could provide more but we let our product do the talking)

Only the best grass fed traceable beef used with Billy Tong

Premium Quality Beef

Our fully traceable grass-fed beef is hung for 28 days prior to the air-curing process ensuring a fabulous moist taste packed full of flavour.

Billy Tong's biltong has 54g of protein per 100g

Packed With Protein

With around 54g of protein for every 100g of biltong and less than 1g of carbs, sugar and salt, biltong packs a powerful and healthy way to snack.

Only natural herbs & spices used in Billy Tong's bltong

Natural Herbs & Spices

We use a range of natural herbs and spices during our preparation process to bring you innovative flavours guaranteed to excite the laziest of tastebuds!

Billy Tong's Reduced Air Curing time

Reduced Air-Cure Time

Our reduced air-curing time ensures a fabulous moist taste packed full of flavour, unlike the extended air-curing found in supermarket offerings.

Billy Tongs offers a huge flavour choice

Big Flavour Choice

16 fabulous flavours of biltong plus 4 flavours for our droewors. Our original flavoured biltong comes in three finishes, dry, moist and wet & fatty.

Freshly made each week to a South African biltong recipe

Freshly Made – Always

Our freshly made products are made bi-weekly to a South African recipe, using a process that ensures awesome consistency across all of our products.

With FREE UK delivery for our biltong

FREE UK Shipping

We’ve always believed that the price you pay should include shipping. None of this spend over £XYZ and we’ll give you free shipping. Ours is always included.

biltong is diet plan friendly

Diet Plan Friendly

Biltong is perfect for inclusion in many diet plans. It’s both Keto and Paleo-friendly with its high protein, low-fat content. Perfect for snacking

Billy Tong's biltong ideal for post workout snacking

Perfect For Post Training

As athletes know, protein is needed to rebuild muscle after a workout, and within 20 minutes of post-training. Biltong is excellent in assisting this process.

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Biltong & Droewors Amazing Flavours

Why Buy From Billy Tong?

Fully Secure Payment Facility

All payments for our products are processed through the payment provider STRIPE who offer full PCI Data Security Standards on all of our transactions. We do not store any of our customers’ credit and debit card details on our servers. You can purchase with complete confidence.

Food Standards Rating Of 5
With an EHO rating of 5, you can be assured that your biltong and droewors is prepared and packed as it should be and will reach you in the best of condition.
Outstanding Customer Service
Billy Tong co-owners Richard and Mark run the business very much on a ‘hands-on’ basis and are always available to answer questions and provide follow up on a timely basis.
We Stand By Our Products
There is no international standard for biltong or droewors, and everyone’s taste is different. What could be ‘too wet & fatty’ to one person, might be ‘not fatty enough’ to another. We will always stand by our products and resolve any issue should it arise.
Owned By SA Ex-Pats
Living in the UK since 1992, the partners created Billy Tong out of a desire to share authentic biltong and droewors. Unable to buy the products with any consistency other than ‘tasting like cardboard’, they decided to do it themselves.
Monthly Subscriptions Available
By committing to a monthly subscription box, we can provide our awesome products at a significantly reduced price to RRP. No need to wait for offers or discounts from us, get superb value every month.
Frequent Giveaways & Competitions
When you become part of the Billy Tong family, we frequently have exciting free to enter prize draws that you can participate in, with some fabulous prizes to be given away. Plus periodically we make some irresistible offers and discounts available (still including FREE UK shipping).
Billy Tong - Loved By Many
Still not sure? Visit our Facebook page to see dozens of reviews and very happy customers. Some are shown at the top and bottom of this webpage. Check out our full product offering by using the button below to go to our online shop.

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