BBQ Biltong


Available In These Sizes: 500g & 1 Kilo

Our BBQ Biltong will have you recalling the balmy days of summer, with its delightful smoky flavour it could almost be straight off your very own barbecue grill.

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About Our BBQ Flavoured Biltong

No range of Biltong flavours would be complete without a BBQ flavour. The herbs and spices and the unmistakable BBQ aroma will definitely have your taste buds calling out for more. Our grass-fed 28 days hung fully beef biltong is moist, full of flavour and makes the perfect healthy snack or the perfect accompaniment with salads.

A favourite with adults and kids alike, this wonderful beef snack, packed full of protein and with virtually no sugar and carbs is perfect to keep the hunger pangs away in between meals.

And don’t forget, like all our Biltong flavours each pack is full of protein, natural nutrients and vitamins

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