Billy Chunks


Available In These Sizes: 500g & 1 Kilo

Billy Chunks are crafted by Billy Tong’s production team using only the best quality topside beef. These fabulous beef snacks are cut into chunks instead of beef strips, providing a moist flavoursome texture which all South Africans love. The chunks are then marinated with our formula of herbs and spices and allowed to air cure which provides for the most unbelievable of tastes.


About Our Billy Chunks

Billy Tong’s Chilli Chunks is the ultimate natural meat snack. If you were brought up in South Africa, this is how you’ll remember your biltong. Great beef, moist, flavoursome and chunky in our biltong original flavour. Developed by our production team to be an absolute hit.

Made in small batches, just like all of our biltong range, shorter air-curing times ensure that our products really hit the spot.

Another low carb, high protein and nutritious diet offering.

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500g, 1Kg

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